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My name is Molliwoped and i'm a streamer in the Houston area. I focus in NES, SEGA and SNES games but i play modern games from time to time. If you are interested go to Twitch.tv/Molliwoped and follow me there or on twitter at @molliwoped to know when i go live.

Due to work and family, I stream from 9pm - 11pm Mon, Wed and FRI and 1pm-3pm on Sundays.

Hope to see you all there Smile

I had a chance to play UNO Mod a couple months back. Most of the game plays similar to the UNO i remember from years ago but a few things are different.

The card design stands out as modernized. The numbers are easy enough to figure out but the specials (Draw Two, Reverse, Skip etc) took a few extra seconds to understand.

The biggest difference is the Mod Card Special. It is a Black Special like the Wild and Draw Four. When a player uses the card, he or she calls a color then gives the other players all of their own cards one at a time (to the left) until none remain. This card led to interesting upsets in the game i played.

A nice twist on a classic game of which I'm sure many are familiar.

I thought I'd plug Owlcon for anyone who might not know about it or be unsure whether to sign up for it. I've been to a couple of game-playing nights where gamers were unsure, so I know there's a few of you out there.
I ran a tabletop RPG (Fiasco) 2 years ago and I had a blast. It seemed well-organized to me, and the players that played my sessions were nice people. I highly recommend it. This year, I'm running three short sessions of Cosmic Encounter. Come play!

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