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Help Wanted - Seeking Gamers!
Heyyy peeople, Found you guys via google "houston Gamers". Not sure if much happens here or not in terms of people showing up. So I'll just put this here and hope it catches SOMEONES eye.

PC Gaming

My Name is Ryan Rockwell, and I own and run with my partner Chris Lacey - What we do is create Anti-Toxic gaming environments for competitive Esport potential games at amateur levels, and help provide sponsoring and streaming as well rewards for teams and players as individuals. In turn we create a way for players to get invovled with a group that strives to create Esports at a equal skill environment withou the toxic nonsense, as well a chance to play WITH us through the day and be apart of via in game guilds/clans.

We are preparing to Launch our indieGoGO campaign for our Office space right here in Houston Texas. If you're familiar with any of the places, Epic Gaming and PvP live in Dallas texas - we've gotten lots of help from them on our path of setup and success. In the meantime however prior to the campaign, we are seeking to add to our team. Upon success these will go from simple hopes, straight into dreams and being jobs for those who followed through to the end. The open positions are:

Community management
Community moderator
Content manager
Esport coordinator
Event manager

If you're interested or seek more information, add me on Facebook - or visit us on and message Ryoxis.

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