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"Zone Of Action" - New fast-paced closed combat board game
Hi everyone. My name is Gregory and I am a board game designer at Bonfire Game Studios. We just published our board game version of the popular video game COD and others called "Zone Of Action". If anyone in the Houston, TX area would be interested in playtesting it please let me know and we can meet in the next "Houston Boardgames Meetup Group" which meets every Saturday. For more info on the game you can go to

The following is a brief description of our game:

"Zone Of Action is a fast-paced dice and card-based combat strategy board game for two to four players ages 14+ which can be played in any of three basic or three advanced available game modes. Your intelligence, agility and resourcefulness will all be tested in this urban close combat environment game.

You are the commander of a six-man elite combat force team, and you have been sent to an undisclosed "Zone Of Action" in the Middle East to control the evolving threat by insurgent groups who have seized important territory during the last past months.

Complete special urban close-combat missions, while killing opponents and avoiding being killed by bullets, grenades, landmines or airstrikes. Accumulate kill-streaks and obtain advanced weapons to eliminate your opponents.

A combination of dice, perk cards, kill-streak attacks and strategic thinking are used to move your team members within a remote middle east village map where obstacles such as buildings, walls, military vehicles, antipersonnel landmines and others add complexity to the terrain you will move in to complete your missions."

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